Monday, July 30, 2012


What an amazing weekend!

SG and I have not been away on our own together just to relax in...well, let me think. Probably since our trip to Italy in the summer of 2010. And I am not going to knock that, but time spent running errands of visiting family or celebrating holidays is just not the same as time spent- just being, and enjoying each others company.

We usually have the dogs to worry about as well- while they are good travelers, it is stressful to stay with family, because well, they are dogs. Putting them in a kennel up here runs about $200 plus for a weekend, which is pricey! We eventually decided to try entrusting the neighbor's kid with our house keys, and while the doggies were evidently upset initially, there was no destruction or suspicious staining when we got back. And judging by the amount left in the bag of grain-free doggie biscuits, they got pretty spoiled in our absence!

We went all over the place: As soon as we got out of the gloomy Bay and the sun came out, the top came down on the convertible, and it was like that scene in The Wizard of Oz where everything turns to color. Zooming towards the Central Coast playing 80's music was an amazing feeling of freedom- something I don't think either of us have felt in a long time.

When we got to Carmel, we caught up with my parents- they had plans all weekend, so we only checked in with them at intervals. We made our dinner reservations well in advance, and meandered down to a great Greek restaurant, Dametra Cafe on Ocean Ave. for lunch. We just spent the whole afternoon walking around, and headed down to the beach in time to do a circuit before the tide came rolling in. SG took tons of pictures, and I took the opportunity to do my best Karate Kid impersonation on a stump.

By the time we made it back up the hill, it was time to get cleaned up for dinner. Bistro Giovanni is within walking distance. it's not super-fancy, but the food is amazing. We spent a few hours talking and eating, tucked into our cozy corner.

We had a lot to talk about. Our lives are changing remarkably quickly. If all goes well, we will be moving and starting a family relatively soon. Everything is still in the planning stages, but things seem to be moving amazingly quickly. I feel so blessed and lucky. As long as we don't freak out, we will be fine!

After a leisurely jaunt home, we checked out some of the footage from the opening night of the Olympics.

The rest of the weekend was similarly relaxing- lots of eating at amazing places, and wandering around. We checked out Fisherman's Wharf, Cannery Row, and of course, the Monterey Bay Aquarium. SG is rediscovering his love of photography, and we got some amazing shots of the octopus and jellyfish.

Sunday, we packed up and hit the Gilroy Garlic Festival. Both SG and I had gone waaaay in the past- and I have to admit, we were disappointed with it this time around. It was hot, and sweaty, and crowded, and the food was pretty much not "easy" for us to eat. We ended up leaving pretty quickly, without trying any of the garlicky delicacies. The decision was to "salvage" the day by heading to the Gilroy Outlets, which was a pretty good decision. We'd actually discussed the things that we needed to round out our respective wardrobes, so I got a pair of black slide wedges, a silver peacock feather necklace, a black leather wristlet purse, a cute summer-weight denim jacket, and one impulse buy- a magenta cotton shrug. SG found a pullover and a deep forest green shirt- I was thrilled to see they have "tall" sizes at Eddie Bauer, because it is hard to find stuff that fits him otherwise! And he got two wallets at the leather place, which was long overdue.

So we got home in plenty of time- which is good, because I had two appointments today (more on that later). I admit, neither of us really wanted to come back, but it was wonderful to come home to a clean house, and two dogs who were very VERY glad to see us.

All in all, it was a seriously awesome 10th anniversary weekend, and I feel like my batteries are recharged for the first time in longer than I care to admit!

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