Monday, December 19, 2011

It's all downhill from here!

Progress is good. And I feel like I am making some. For example: I stopped being a chicken and got back on the scale.

There is actually some method to my madness. You see, at some point this summer, I got so very tired of "only maintaining" my initial 15 lb. loss after starting my Primal journey over two years ago, that I decided to try HCG. I was encouraged in this by my acupuncturist, who declared that losing weight could only help me, but that I was in no case to do any kind of heavy exercise. CrossFit and any kind of core work were strictly verboten. The only things that got past his radar? Cycling- my bike is out of commission. Swimming: No access to a pool. So that left walking and ballroom dancing. "No Zumba! No Bellydancing!" Crap.

Because of course, I can't seem to lose weight. HCG helped at first, but of course, it was only temporary. I actually tried to do more than one round, and I was eating 500 calories a day, and not losing weight. Once I began eating normally, I gained back the 20 lbs I had managed to lose, in three months. 

I know that because, as I said before, I got back on the scale. Right before Christmas is not the ideal time to start tightening up my diet, but I did. And a few magical things happened. 

1. My BulletProof Coffee habit seems to be helping me. When my acupuncturist checked my pulse, he declared it (and the color of my tongue, which he also monitors- I know it's weird) to be "Much Improved". Score.

2. I started eating a huge serving of protein and fat first thing in the morning- starting last Tuesday. My body temperature, which is always worryingly low and not constant, has shot up into the normal range and seemingly stabilized for the last three days. This is huge for me.

3. I realized how much "crap" has snuck back into my diet: Dark chocolate covered almonds, too many potatoes, and a ton of dairy- if I want to be optimally healthy, I have no business eating those things. So I am tracking carbs, and sticking as close to 25 a day as I can (never over 50).

So, it seems to be working: I even managed to make it though the company Christmas party without ging off the wagon. Now I just need to make it through Christmas!!

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