Tuesday, October 18, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

If only my arms looked like this...
Oh man, has it been a busy few days!

I have been back in my hometown, helping my best friend get ready to move out and sell her house.  She travels a lot for work, and her home is four bedrooms FULL of stuff.  Luckily, I have the time and the wherewithal to pitch in, so we have been going through everything, categorizing, and tossing.

I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of healthy restaurants that have sprung up while I have been gone.  I ate at two places that  had easily adaptable Primal options, including locally sourced meat and organic produce (although since my hometown is the heart of California’s agricultural area, this isn’t much of a stretch!)  For the rest of it, I hit up the Trader Joe’s down the street. I have been indulging in more dark chocolate than I would normally go for, but otherwise it’s been pretty easy.  The only thing I brought with me was my vanilla Bluebonnet whey protein.  That stuff is amazing.

It’s been an active few days. Lots of packing up, cleaning, and lifting of heavy objects: Mark would be proud.  My buddy and I managed to get a sleeper sofa out of her sunken living room, through the front door, and out into the driveway for Salvation Army pickup under our own power.  It was waiting there along with enough other stuff to fill the two car driveway- all of which we packed and moved ourselves, before 8AM. Let’s hear it for girl power!

While things have been very physically active, mentally I have been sort of clearing the decks.  I met up with my knitting group on Sunday, and in between bouts of packing and cleaning, have been periodically relaxing and watching a “new to me” series:  Midsdomer Murders.  I think it has been good- I am enjoying a sharper focus and generally feel like I am heading in the right direction. I head back home late on Tuesday night, and while I am thrilled to be able to help, it will be good to see Lord Grok and get settled back in at home, where my own projects are waiting for me.

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