Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So many questions...

Imagine my surprise when I was flipping through channels last week and saw the tease for the "Eat Like a Caveman" on the local Bay Area news. L.G. and I watched in amusement as they reported on the dramatic changes following a Paleo diet made in the subject testing it out: and she wasn't even shooting for weight loss in the beginning, but her blood pressure dropped into the healthy range, cholesterol dropped 30 points, and he pre-diabetic status reversed itself: In less than two weeks.

In the end, she's kept it up for a few months, her numbers had improved even more dramatically, and she's lost 30 lbs and 2 dress sizes.

So it's definitely hitting the mainstream. And being home and spending time with my family, suddenly, they are asking a ton more questions: after a year and a half. To be fair, I know my choices seem arbitrary to them: they've watched my battle with the scale since I was 12.  So this has been viewed as just another fad diet that I am on. And when I am around them, I tend to eat more liberally, so as not to rock the boat. But when we went out for dinner with another couple they are friends with, it was incessant: "So...can you eat beans? What about rice?" And I just tried to be as concise and non preachy as I could. Since we were eating at a Mexican restaurant, they were attacking the corn tortilla chips while we had our chat.

And after a lot of hemming and hawing, I think I am going to make sure my family has copies of Wheat Belly and The Primal Blueprint to look over. And maybe send them the link to the "Eat Like a Caveman" news segment as well. It certainly can't hurt!

In other book news, I decided to take advantage of Mark's offer and buy his new book, The Primal Blueprint 21 Day Body Transformation.  Between that, and the fact that Make It Paleo shipped today, I am going to have a lot of reading to do!!! L.G. hasn't really read any of the books, but I think he is on board with the concept, and I could probably use a kick in the pants to really tighten up my eating. Some weight loss would be nice as well: while I am thrilled with how much my life and health have already changed, I am still far from my healthiest weight.

Part of the battle has been the fact that I am under "orders" not to run or do any major core work, but I finally confessed to my Dr. that I missed dance and more challenging exercise today. He said that cycling would be ok, running should be minimal, and that the belly dancing class that I want to take is strictly verboten. BUT, ballroom dance got tentative approval. Now I just need to get L.G. to agree to go with me!

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