Thursday, October 20, 2011

When it rains...

I decided to forward the link to my local News affiliates paleo segment to my parents last night.
They are both products of the SAD: both on Lipitor, both with cholesterol issues, among other things. Two years ago, Dad ended up in the hospital with a blocked circumflex artery; he now has a stent. High cholesterol runs in my family, as well as cardiac issues and Alzheimers.  I've brought up my concerns before, but I am hoping that the video will speak to them more effectively than I am capable of doing. I haven't heard back yet, but I didn't expect to.

And then there's LG. He's lucky, he's a big guy: when you're tall, you can get away with eating the way he eats, and he carries it well. But both his parents are Type 2 diabetics. I do my best not to nag, and just try to set a good example, but I know that when I am gone, he's like Templeton, the rat from Charlotte's Web, at the county fair. Beer, pizza, fast food, and Halloween candy...

I also know that when he does eat Primally- never 80/20, more like 60/40- he drops weight seemingly overnight. I try not to begrudge him. And I also know I have been needing to tighten things up for awhile.
So today, I flipped through Mark's new book and thought: this may be the ammunition I need! I have never gotten him to read the PB, although he does like the Before and After stories on MDA.  While I already knew most of the info in the book, I did love that it was like a clear and concise action plan, and I felt that the direct approach would be much more effective for the way that he processes info.

So he has promised to read it: I have already seen him flipping through it, so I am excited. We will start our 21 day challenge together when he gets back from a business trip next week. And I am hopeful that when he sees his parents next week, the subject may come up. Once again, it would be better coming from him than me!

In the meantime, my lack of weight loss has been bothering me. I have benefited so much from changing my diet: the occasional indulgence shouldn't be a problem. And I don't think I am eating too much: if anything, I tend to IF past noon on most days. Which is why a post caught my eye when I was looking at the forum on MDA today, and another woman: in much better shape than I, with  lot less weight to lose, complained that she was gaining. Another member pointed her towards this site. So I am hopeful that with some tweaking, I can maybe get things moving again. Considering that he advocates eating a low carb breakfast first thing in the morning as the big number once recommendation, and there's plenty more that I can change and still fall well within the scope of the PB, I feel good about it.

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