Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And I say to myself, "Well? How did I get here?"

I was out of town last week, and am juggling getting my schedule back together and a whole bunch of medical stuff (but that's the other blog!) this week. Please forgive my hiatus. I swear, it is all I can do to stay on track and keep cooking.

In the meantime, here are the highlights:

As I am not really "allowed" to run or lift weights, SG and I decided I should get a bike. Here's "Hedwig". I love her! We have already gone on a few jaunts together- the last of which involved picking up my meat and produce order from Tara Firma Farms.

I have been slowly going through Practical Paleo, and actually took it to the coast with me. I love it even more than I did at first, if that's possible.

 I have been cooking up a storm. I can't say I was responsible for the chickens (just the veggie sides), but they were the work of my baby bro- I admit they were delicious. My family is asking more questions, and my sis was flipping through Practical Paleo: I have to admit, I am excited about that.

I am actually getting more and more into cooking, and am getting dangerous in kitchen stores. This is probably the place to admit that both SG and I have a "favorite spatula". Since we keep fighting over it, we decided to get some spares.

Since I am not drinking coffee right now, and I noticed how much SG enjoyed using the one at my parents' place, we broke down and got him a Keurig. I sent a vinegar and a rinse cycle through our trusty Cuisinart 8 cup model, and put it into storage where my breadmaker used to live. 

Gadgetry is taking over. I just bought a deep-fryer (filled with coconut oil of course!) and deep-fried something for the first time last night. It seems to be less greasy- and less messy! Than pan frying, and I was super-impressed with the results: I guess I am a convert. We are also talking about biting the bullet and splurging on a Vitamix. Everyone I know who has one loves it, and I would rather get one appliance than getting a juicer and upgrading my tiny Cuisinart.

Oh! I finally tried Kombucha. And liked it! I am even considering *gasp* MAKING MY OWN. Who knows what's next?! Maybe I will get brave enough to deal with the offal in my freezer this week.

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