Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Final Frontier

Oh, potatoes. Why must you be so comforting?
I enjoy you in all your myriad forms: Baked. Scalloped. Soup. Mashed. French fried, hash browned, roasted, toasted, you name it.

Sam Gamgee is evidently my spirit animal.

If you don't know who Sam Gamgee is....(impossible!) he is Frodo's lovable gardener and sidekick in Lord of the Rings.

He waxes rapturous in his musings of how great potatoes are. He is also (coincidentally? Probably not) the FAT hobbit. Oh Sam. Those potatoes are killing you!

Seriously, I have learned to avoid carb-phobia. First of all, it can get ridiculous, and second of all, it just doesn't work for me. (I guess the moral here is that if being ridiculous works, sign me up for it.) It also makes me feel like a self-righteous ass. "I don't eat grains! I don't eat processed foods! I avoid most conventional dairy! I only eat pastured meat! I don't even drink coffee anymore!"  I don't want to be one of those finger-shaking, holier than thou butt-munch people. I just want to be healthy. Seriously.
And potatoes are something that I have occasionally tried to avoid, but will occasionally indulge in. Admittedly- since I was a kid, this was my favorite way to eat. Good old "meat and potatoes".

When I travel, this becomes a problem. I think it's because a lot of the things served in restaurants that I can eat come with a side of potatoes. Sometimes they are mashed, and heaven knows what's in them. Baked potatoes are typically pretty much au naturale. But most options are typically fried. If I am being honest with myself, they are probably fried in canola oil, which makes them even worse. And then dredged in sugary ketchup. (Gah!) But if they are there-I will eat them. 

It finally comes down to this- how do I feel when I eat them? And the answer is that I feel- slow. Lethargic. Slightly headachey. No bueno.

So, I need to cut that out. The Ice Cream Agenda seems to have worked out well for me- and now I am going to have to cull out the potatoes.

  Inside, a voice is screaming, "No! No! Not the potatoes!!!!" Which is probably another sign I shouldn't be having them.

 Sorry Sam. You're still my favorite.

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