Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Keeping Pace

   I am due to head in to see the naturopath in a few hours, and I am nervous. My labs are two years old, and I am sure he'll have me re-do them: which might be a good (albeit expensive) thing. I keep looking at the smiley faces my awful doc put next to my "good cholesterol" and Liver profiles. I still kind of want to punch her in the face. Ahem.

In the meantime, things seem to be going swimmingly. I am making an effort to get more exercise in, and between housework and shopping and dog-walking today, I was ready for bed at 10 last night.

Our trip to Costco was also surprisingly productive:  Apple smoked bacon, duck confit (!) from just down the road in Stockton CA, ground bison, and I couldn't resist the pack of 10 pomegranates. Oh pomegranates, how I love thee!

FYI, I made the Jicama shell Tacos from TFLPP the night before, and they get two very enthusiastic thumbs up from both SG and myself.  I didn't realized how much I missed that crunch of a taco shell.  We had the leftovers for lunch yesterday.  Then over dinner, SG copied my order: a burger, hold the bun, with avacado, bacon, cheddar, sauteed onions, and a side salad.  He commented that he was glad we were both ditching the fries. I think what he actually said was, "It's time. I feel better without it." So I am excited about that: and the fact that we were at a microbrewery, and he skipped the beer!

Today is a cooking day, in between appointments. I am hoping to roast a chicken in the crockpot, and then get to the thawed Bison Pot roasts tomorrow, but we'll see what happens!

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