Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Infamous LCF

LCF= Low Carb Flu.

I am realizing now just how much sugar: in the form of fruit and heavy cream and chocolate/grain-free desserts must have been slipping through the cracks.

Because initially, I felt great. And then I got my blood drawn on Thursday, and when I got home, I was actually giddy. I suspect that this was the last gasp of my system, trying to run on sugar fumes. On Friday, I came to a screeching halt. I was starving, we are talking ravenously hungry, but nothing "allowed" sounded good. My joints and muscles ached. I kept clenching my jaw. And I had the mother of all headaches. This continued through Monday, when I refused to cop out and take Excedrin Migraine, and I had accidentally skipped my coffee- suddenly it was late at night, and if I wanted to sleep, caffeine would be a bad idea. So I toughed it out, until the unpleasant throbbing in my head turned into that distinctive migraine pain: which for me, feels like being shanked in the eye by an icepick. (So lucky!)

I tried taking Excedrin PM. Luckily the PM part worked, and I actually managed to go to sleep...but the migraine was still there when I woke up on Tuesday. Sir Grok took one look at me and brought me two migraine pills and water in bed, and commanded me to go back to sleep. When I finally woke back up, I felt like a million bucks. Here's hoping I am through the worst of it!

The naturopath called today: My test results are in, so I will be going in tomorrow to discuss those. Acupuncture was interesting today: cutting out sugar and dairy (except butter and occasional cheese) seems to be doing: well, something. My body is doing weird things: My temps are up, and seem to be evening out, and per my acupuncturist, "Your tongue looks almost normal."  And my wrist pulses are evidently "better" this week, too. Looking around, I see other people alluding to the sudden feeling of warmth or flushing that I have been getting since I started the Leptin Reset. My guess is that my body has finally started to adjust. Thank goodness! 

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