Thursday, January 19, 2012

6,415 and Counting...

My Fitbit needs a name: perhaps Francine?
I survived.
After Day One, the cleanse was relatively painless. I did have sudden nausea on Day Three, and ended up yacking into the kitchen sink. This is unusual behavior for me, as I usually have the sort of stomach described as "iron clad". Love is someone who comes running when they hear you retching uncontrollably from the other end of the house, and makes sure to hold your hair (and jewelry!) back out of the way. Mad Props to SG. 

The good news: my sugar cravings are still happily gone, and while I didn't lose weight, I didn't lose ground either. I was very happy to get on with the regularly scheduled program yesterday morning. I swear, when I saw my morning eggs and chicken 50grams of protein breakfast and took the first bite: I felt crazy strength and happiness flood my body.

If I need any further corroboration to know I am doing the right thing: I remember looking at my tongue on Tuesday night, and it was a horrible grayish shade. A few hours after breakfast on Wednesday, I checked in the mirror again, and it was normal around the edges, but still gray in the middle. My acupuncturist pronounced it "gross." and I concur. After peeking again today, it's back to a much more human-looking all-over pink. Hooray!!!

I should also say that I finally found a "real" doctor, and had my first consult with her. What a positive experience that was! She looked me over, agreed that I needed to keep eating right and working on my weight, gently suggested that I maybe bump up the exercise, but pretty much said I seem "ridiculously healthy." Obviously, she is a genius. ;) She wants me to do more labs, and I explained the situation, so I will have three months for my body to acclimate, then I will retest.

Speaking of genius:   I love my standing workstation. For some reason (probably my dismal steps on the Fitbit) I had a brainwave: maybe I could put my tiny elliptical stepper in front of my workstation? And it works like a charm. I do stop occasionally, and I cannot type while on it, but otherwise, I am happy as a clam, reading MDA and the Hairpin and checking Facebook, while doggedly stepping away.

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