Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Motivation, or lack thereof

I feel like I am the only person not jumping on some kind of new diet or detox bandwagon today.

Part of it is that I am still dealing with a borrowed kitchen, and considering the house situation, will probably be doing that for at least another month. And part of it is, unfortunately, that my parents have a huge New Year's party every year, and as we are staying with them, there are a metric ton of party leftovers. Gluten is simply not happening, but there are a ton of chicken wings and meatballs, which I would typically be dubious of: and I just can't bring myself to know or care what's in them. Fruit. Sushi from a Costco Tray- and dolmas with actual rice inside.

I have to go shopping, but there is zero room in the fridge. I am trying to convince myself that it could be a million times worse: I am not shoveling down the pies and chocolates and banana bread. But oh man, I miss having my own space.

Tomorrow, SG applies for a job he's spent a long time waiting for. Fingers and toes crossed! I am hoping that karma kicks in.

In the meantime, we are putting our lives back together, starting with the house. Hopefully, once I start renovating that, maybe I can renovate my eating habits! We contacted our homeowner's insurance for an inspection, and were advised that what happened to us should be filed under "vandalism."

The opinion of the property manager and the cleaning team that did our estimate is that the renters were running a full-scale catering business out of our tiny residential kitchen. Which is, of course, against the terms of the lease: breakage of the appliances due to misuse should have been on them, but of course, how would we have known? So we paid for all those replacements and repairs, and are dealing with the aftermath as well. I am hoping we can get at least some of the money back, plus more to repair the additional damage. We are currently living on savings until SG gets a job, so this is basically the worst possible time to do an overhaul like this. We are both doing our best to stay positive. DON'T PANIC should be written in large, friendly letters on my forehead.

Today we went and started pricing appliances. Countertops. Cabinets. So we will be prepared. I have sticker shock. SG is a lot more lavish than I am, I know I can get by with a lot of sweat equity and minimal upgrades- and at least I will be busy! I have time to paint and clean and rip out carpet and scrape ceilings. At least I would feel like I am accomplishing something! SG keeps talking about contractors. (Note: SG is insane. Lovable, but completely unreasonable.)  ;)

We meet with the property manager tomorrow, to compare notes and lists of all the damage. The inspection is Friday. I am hoping most of this is covered, one way or another. I am also hoping to get out and move- get some real exercise. We have been doing lots of walking- the ambling kind, looking at slabs of stone and wandering through home improvement warehouses and lumberyards- but that's not doing it. Perhaps tomorrow I will take the new bike out for a spin. I got lovely new baskets- front and back!- as well as a helmet and lights for Christmas. All that awesomeness should definitely not stay cooped up in a garage for long!

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