Sunday, January 6, 2013

Look out weekend!

One of the best benefits of moving back to my hometown is, of course, friends.

Last night, the plan was to go see a preview of the first episode of Downton Abbey before it officially airs tonight on PBS: I am shamelessly addicted to this show, and it seems like they have amped the things I love about it up this time around: a lot of back-and-forth snarky humor and wit.

Two of my friends and I assembled in front of the Tower Theatre, and watched a one hour preview of this season in style. There was an option to pay $60 to support PBS, where you attended a traditional English "high tea" beforehand, but knowing that I would be confronted with inedible (to me) tea cakes and cookies and tiny sandwiches ruled that out!

So we went out for steaks and martinis after, instead, which much more delicious and was actually cheaper. Win/win!

In other news, I renewed our pact to clean up our act on Friday night. We hit Trader Joe's, and I finally replenished our supplies of "good" food. We went out and walked the dogs and rode bikes yesterday morning as well. Unfortunately, I was a little late. SG has been congested for a day or so, and asked that we go back home early during the walk early yesterday. Despite lots of pumpkin soup with bone broth and tea, he is now super sick: phlegmy and lethargic and coughing. I am hoping he sleeps it off, and am keeping him tucked up in bed. 

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