Monday, October 29, 2012

Operation Move It- Week 2

I took "before" pictures last night. I am still traumatized. I think I may have looked better before my "before"- if that makes sense. Deflating quickly isn't the most flattering thing when you're going to show some skin.

I already said this on Facebook, but hey, I am gonna say it again. Measurements are the way to go. The scale- particularly when you bump up exercise- can pretty much be a lying ho. 

I weigh myself daily, but only count the result I get on Monday AM. So for the week, results are as follows:

Down 1 lb.  Lost an inch in my hips, ribcage, and bust, and 1.5 inches in my waist. Woohoo! Also down 1/2 inch each on upper arms, biceps, and thighs. That's...well, pretty phenomenal.

I told my acupuncturist, and he said it was probably just water loss, and then I punched him in the face stuck my tongue out at him. And he said my tongue looks better, which in acupuncture speak, is good, but coming from him, means I am practically one step away from immortality, because the most I have ever been able to get out of him is a grudging, "not bad".

Anyway. I am trying to follow the exercise schedule detailed by Mark. I am dialed in with sprints, I am dialed in with "fun" (Zumba! Walking! Bike rides! etc.) But weight training is, and I suspect will always be, my Achilles heel. It does not help that I belong to Gold's Gym, and there are always huge sweaty guys on the weight machines.  And I am not so secretly afraid of looking stupid. Our home is tiny, with zero backyard. So that nullifies a lot of options.

I looked up Mark's list of W.O.W.'s. There are a couple that are in my realm of possibility. Most of them are pretty "manly" though. For example, one involves pushing a car around- I think I would rupture something if I tried to push anything other than a SmartCar! I also threw some stuff onto Pinterest to look at later- convict conditioning (ie, body weight exercises) and Shovelglove stuff. I actually have my own sledge (named Towanda) around here somewhere. And I downloaded a book,  You Are Your Own Gym, which is highly recommended on Amazon- more body weight exercises, AND apps for both Android and iPhone if you choose to do that.

According to my schedule, tomorrow is a "Lift Heavy Things" day. So I had better figure things out fast! Today was already not "perfect". I was supposed to go to the gym and get back on the elliptical, but I ran out of time (since I am now trying to religiously eat breakfast) and realized I wouldn't be able to get a good session in between finishing my meal and the acupuncture appointment. And I am not supposed to exercise for 6-8 hours after the appointment. So I ended up with 40 minutes before I had to leave- I was already in my gym clothes, so I set out to run/walk intervals through the marsh behind our house. While it wasn't what I wanted to do, it was still hard work!

The whole "No 'Poo" experiment is still going strong. I am really happy with it, and am getting into a routine. I also decided to try cassia, which is like clear henna: it's a natural, monthly hair treatment. I smooshed it into my hair tonight and let it sit for an hour, and I am really pleased with the results! Lots of body and shine. It also seems to have defined the waves in my hair quite a bit.

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  1. Well it sounds like you are on a roll! 40 min of any activity is a good thing! I've got to get to an acupuncturist, I keep hearing good things about it.