Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cookbooks and Kombucha

This last week has been: well a little nuts. Computer problems, the A/C went out, and then the medication I am taking is sucking the life out of me. No A/C means minimal cooking, and computer problems mean that blogging goes on the back burner for awhile. I've also been dealing with writer's block- I think perfectionism is getting in my way. Hopefully, more frequent (but less wordy) posts will solve that problem.

I have used the downtime to go through the 3-4 Paleo cookbooks that all seem to have showed up at once in the last few weeks, and to stop obsessing over my Kombucha culture.

As it turns out, I think all the Kombucha wanted was a little privacy. I peeked in today, and Lo! The 30 days are up, the kombucha was giving off encouraging whiffs of vinegar, and best of all, there was a thin whitish film forming at the top of the pitcher. If left to its own devices, that film would eventually (theoretically) become the new kombucha mushroom.

I poured a little into a glass, and tested the pH as directed. The recipe officially become Kombucha when the pH is below 4, and I would estimate that mine has a pH of around 3. My little baby's all grown up! Now, all I have to do is transfer my starter solution into the gallon glass container I bought, and begin the process anew- this time with a larger volume of sugar and tea, so it  can really do its thing!

Oh: and yes, I tasted it. A wee bit vinegary, but awesome. I plan to add some ginger juice to whatever I have left over, after the transfer. We'll see if it gets bubbly- Yum!

I have managed to test some recipes- mainly focusing on the upcoming review of "The Food Lovers Make It Paleo." In the past, I have made a ton of their recipes, so this is just a refresher. After the crazy heat here earlier this week, the Jicama Tacos were just what the doctor ordered! The leftovers have stretched a few days, in taco salad form as well.  I've previously mentioned this cookbook: I couldn't have done my birthday or Thanksgiving last year without them. So if you want to read a tiny blurb, before the big review this weekend, you can check out my post here. Or if you want to check 'em out for yourself, give their website a look-see.

Kale chip recipe tomorrow. Pinkie-swear!

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