Sunday, July 1, 2012


Hallelujah! I'm HEALED!
 I am pleased to report that I made it through Adventure Sunday with ZERO ice cream.

Back in the day, I would have gone on some kind of sugar bender, rationalizing, "Well, I already messed this up- better make the most of it! I'll start over on Monday."

There's been a lot of debate on Paleo blogs of late: There are some people who take an inflexible, super-low carb approach. Even FRUIT is gonna kill you. Blueberries- FORSOOTH! You eat dairy? Excommunicated! Urgh.

While some people like to pretend that Paleo is some religious institution (Mark and Robb can fight out between them who gets to be the Pope) I think people lose sight of the big picture. Why are we bickering? We're talking about health. Shaming people into wanting to get healthy does not work. People who are learning about something, don't want to learn about it from some inflexible jerk, who is standing over them with a ruler, waiting to slap their knuckles if they "screw up."

Voila! Starbucks!
The most fabulous aspect about eating this way is that screwing up can be a part of it. It's a constant process, an experiment you are running on yourself. I am a pretty good example of 80/20. I eat Primal/Paleo about 95% of the time. So when things (like the ice cream thing) happen, I can just take it in stride. The scale certainly didn't reflect it. And today, when hubby asked me about ice cream, I was able to happily say, "No thanks- I feel better without it. But how about an iced venti unsweetened green tea from Starbucks?"

This, x2. Good Times!

We went out to a nice lunch. There's a burger place near us that is decent- they serve something called a Mt. Tam Burger that has sauteed onions, cheese, avocado, and bacon on it. Typically I will order that, hold the bun, with a garden salad, no croutons, and Oil/Vinegar. Hubby let me order that plus an iced tea, and then told the waitress, "Why don't you just bring two of everything?" She said something sweet about the two of us being cute. Oh yes, we are FREAKIN' ADORABLE.

I could only eat half of that beast. Then we meandered over to Starbucks (instead of ice cream!) and took the truck to get washed. I was bored at the car wash. Taking pictures when you are bored? Good times.

Next, we headed over to the bookstore. I keep buying new knitting and craft magazines, reading them, and socking them away. I have been meaning to look at Paleo magazine, and figured, well, what the heck? I started searching, and enlisted hubby's help. Then we went and got a sales guy. He finally managed to dig it up- it was shoved allll the way in the back on the racks. We may have made sure it was more prominently featured before we left.

 Hubby was very taken with the blonde vixen on the cover. But evidently, other things are catching his eye, as he kept flipping through the magazine. Score! He asks me questions sometimes, but I am not up to answering more in-depth stuff, about the science of it all. I am really excited. Hopefully, the 60/40 he has been doing will get fine-tuned a little more. He was talking recently about how much better he feels when he avoids gluten. Woohooo! Progress!

Adorable tamari-filled goodness.
I was supposed to spend time with a friend of mine today, as she was coming into town. She texted to ask me if I wanted sushi- score! I filled up the on-the-go water bottle and poured tamari sauce into one of these guys (I got mine from Cost Plus):

There's a great place by my house that has great quality sashimi, undyed pickled ginger, and puts it all on top of a bed of shredded daikon radish. Perfect. Then we went to go see Magic Mike. It was indeed magical.

I came home to find hubby happily reading another magazine we got today: Cooking Wild. All about eating food you've hunted, fished, or foraged for. HE picked it out! He also announced that he'd ordered a digital 6 issue (1 year) run of Paleo magazine for us.Wow!

As days go, I have to say, this one went pretty well.

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