Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hold on, I have to visit my virtual grass-fed cattle ranch

I've been doing quite a bit of research today, and I am realizing that the stuff that I wanted to talk about really needs- well, more research. And well-reasoned thought. And as someone who is being pulled in many different directions, I don't know that I am capable of doing justice to these things tonight. Hey, I need time for my latest obsession: Wii: Walk It Out.(Wasn't that an excellent segue?)

I love this game. It's fairly simple, but motivating. I enjoy building my virtual island and marching around to music that I would probably never voluntarily listen to. At least this is one hour in front of the TV that is active, as opposed to passive time. I typically burn about 400 calories, and get around 10,000 steps in. Do I wish I could do more bad-ass exercise? Heck yeah, I do. But I am informed, by reliable and medical-type sources, that if I want to be a mom, I have to go easy on my body, get things into "balance" somehow, and stick with just walking.

The creepy thing is, that if you know what you are looking for, your body will in fact let you know what it likes, or doesn't like. I disregarded these instructions about a year ago, and signed up with my local CrossFit Box- now known as The Cave. I loved that place. Except for the occasional humiliation of not being able to do a handstand. Or the time my coach asked a really hot tall muscley SHIRTLESS guy to lift me up while I struggled to do a pull-up. (Ahhhhhh! Noooooooo! *Cue panic attack*) But I did find out that I am stronger than I look. My favorite moment was when my coach asked to take a look at my running, and started cackling and rubbing my hands together with glee. "You're FAST! You are gonna shock the heck out of some people!"

However, after two weeks of it, my acupuncturist looked at my temperature charts, and shook his head.
Now, when I originally started going to acupuncture, I was a mess. (I've been assured that I am still "slightly messy, but almost normal".) One of the freakiest things were my morning temps. That's what you do when you are trying to get pregnant- you chart. Typically, you just print out one of the millions of examples found all over the internet, and fill in the boxes.

I had to make my own in Excel, because my temps were so low. I would dip into the 95's sometimes. I had asked my ob-gyn at the time about it, and she shrugged it off. "No big deal, you run a little cool." But in acupuncture, your temps are an indicator of how your body is responding to treatment. My temps had started coming up a little bit, but as soon as Crossfit started, they dropped like a rock.I had to confess my crime, meekly put my Crossfit membership on hold, and went back to walking (it out). And I am now firmly entrenched in the 97's and 98's on my chart, which is where I should be.

Obviously, this game was meant for me. Pink trees? Check. Rainbow sparklies? Check. They definitely don't have those in Crossfit. The Black Eyed Peas song is just a bonus. And if we are really being honest, I freaking hate burpees AND double-unders.

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  1. Because of my neck/brain/head I am also limited to walking. It gets boring walking around the neighborhood. I'm trying to figure out if I should go to Target or order online. Thanks for the recommendation. I can stroll around while inside and not out in the triple digits! Looks like fun!